A fresh way to engage members through digital content

Getting (and keeping) your members’ attention is becoming more challenging by the day. Bring them back into the fold by providing them with an intuitive and enjoyable experience that’s centered around your thought leadership.

Information resources your members can actually find

Get your best content out of your dated AMS and into Shelf - a self-service resource library that allows your members to locate and collaborate on your best content in seconds.

Organize and display your best resources

Is your membership always asking you to resend collateral because it’s too inconvenient for them to track it down? Shelf puts an end to these repetitive, time-consuming and unnecessary tasks.

Get insight into member engagement via analytics dashboard

See who is contributing, searching and viewing your content. Get new insight into how your content is being used; what content is trending, what content is most popular, what folders and groups are being used the most.

Connect to the places where your content already resides 

Documents in Google Drive. Images from in Dropbox. Videos on YouTube. Articles on the Web. Bring them all together with Shelf.

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