The Knowledge Experience Your Employees Deserve

Companies with distributed workforces are realizing there’s still room for more efficiency. AI-driven Knowledge Management is solving the biggest challenge holding up your people’s progress: finding answers fast so they can move the needle forward.

The Leader in Knowledge Management

Knowledge is the heart of your operations.

A little bit of love goes a long way.

Lower Training Costs

Our award-winning UI and AI ensure new employees get the information they need to onboard quickly.

Become More Competitive

When teams get back the time they need, they maximize output, which helps your business gain market share.

Maximize Retention

Removing knowledge roadblocks helps employees succeed, build confidence and nurture healthy company culture.

Improve CX and Self Service

Shelf powers support and self service with answers, so customers are likely to become repeat customers.

Put an End to Endless Searches

Shelf gives employees back the time they waste looking for information.

MerlinAI powers the search experience, pinpointing answers within any type of content, and recommending results while improving over time, so your team can accomplish more in their day.

Search inside docs, images, video, audio, web content, and more
Navigate to exact keyword location
Browse by date, tags, categories, file type, favorites, ratings, and more
MerlinAI recommends content based on user behavior

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One Place to Manage Every Step of the Knowledge Lifecycle

Shelf streamlines all your most critical content management tasks, including ratings and feedback, content publication, and announcements.

Shelf manages the busy work, empowering knowledge managers to be more productive by automating manual, repetitive processes.

Automatically Improve Content with AI-Driven Insights

Shelf creates an intelligent feedback loop that keeps content accurate and compliant, while ensuring knowledge managers spend less time pulling manual reports searching for insights.

MerlinAI crunches the data and presents admins with a dynamic dashboard that helps them observe and improve content quality, findability, and user stats across all your knowledge.

“99.999% of the time, when I look for something in Shelf — I find it instantly. If I can’t find it – it’s just not there yet.”

Bryan Smith

Technical Support Manager, Opex

Centralize Your Knowledge and Break Free from the Silos

Shelf is the only Knowledge Management solution with the extensibility and reliability necessary to consolidate knowledge silos forever.

We integrate and sync with all your out-of-the-box and homegrown knowledge bases and content management systems, creating a single source of truth for your company’s knowledge.

Award-Winning Implementation and Support

Shelf is so easy to use it’s been awarded top honors for overall usability by Gartner Digital Markets, and recognized for Best Support, Easiest Setup, and Highest User Adoption by G2 for three consecutive quarters.

Our customer success team acts as your trusted colleagues, ensuring a seamless end-user experience while maximizing your investment.


Setup and rollout in weeks, not months


Guaranteed user adoption


Personalized training and ongoing support


Immediate ROI and dedicated longterm success

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