Automate Answers Directly in the Tools Your Teams Use Everyday

Designed to help agents do the best possible job, Shelf fits exactly where they work, and surfaces accurate answers that keep handle times down.

The Right Answer at the Right Time. Always.

Decision Tree Content

Surface content with built-in guidance to help agents through step by step procedures that decrease escalation.


Canned Responses

Average handle times drop considerably when exact answers are suggested alongside interactions in real time.


Embedded AI Search

Browse your entire content library directly from the Shelf widget, so you never have to switch screens and manage multiple apps.

Walk Agents through Step by Step Procedures

An agent spends an average 4 minutes searching for answers across email, Slack, and several knowledge bases.

Shelf eliminates that wasted time completely, surfacing content built with decision tree logic, ensuring agents ask all the right questions as quickly as possible.

Automatically Pull Answers from Any Document

Shelf manages all content types, including large documentation, video and audio, then pulls exact answers and navigates directly to the desired keyword location if needed.

Just One Click to Respond to Customers

Our award-winning UI makes sharing knowledge as easy as one click, ensuring agents utilize the tool.

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Integrates Directly into the Agent Desktop

Answer Assist fits into all the major contact center and ticketing system tools, acting as your team’s guide on the side powering answers.

Powerful Pinpoint Search Across Your Entire Library

If your agents would like to browser your entire content library, AI-powered search is directly available within the Shelf widget, so agents never have to toggle multiple screens.

Shelf Powers Modern

Contact Centers with Answers

Contact Center Teams

Reduce AHT and boost FCR with automated knowledge and processes

Self Service Tools

Ensure customers find the right answers on the channels they frequent

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