Overview: Chances are really, really good that you already have an account with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Actually, you probably have all 4! So Shelf makes it easy on you with its Single Sign On capabilities. Now you’ve got one less password to track - whew!


1) Start by clicking the menu icon in the top right hand corner of the application and selecting “Manage Account”.

2) From here, navigate over to “Services” which is the fourth option (and the furthest to the right).

3) Simply select the account you wish to use for Single Sign On purposes and drag the toggle button from left to right.

4) It's likely that your browser is set to block popups.

5) In this example we are using Firefox and you would want to click on the Options button that appears on the far right of the browser alert. Please keep in mind that each browser functions slightly differently and you should expect slightly different behavior in each.

6) Click "Allow pop-ups from auth.shelf.io"

7) Once authentication is complete you will see that the toggle is now on the right hand side and you can now use Single Sign On!

8) If you want to test it out, simply logout by clicking on the menu icon in the top right hand corner and selecting “Logout”. 

9) Instead of filling out the Sign In fields, just click on the appropriate button. In this case it’s “Google”.