Shelf, a modern knowledge management tool vs. Microsoft OneDrive for Business, a Cloud Storage and Collaboration tool

    Shelf OneDrive
Capture Collaborative Web Clipper for Chrome + Firefox enables users to capture web content with rich meta data X  
Capture YouTube videos, LinkedIn profiles, web articles, web pages, images embedded on web pages, etc. X  
Import files & folders from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive X  
Sync files & folders from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive X  
Organize Tag content and browse a robust Tag Library X  
Add Badges and customize Badges to match your organization’s taxonomy X  
Organize content in Groups, shared, and private libraries X  
Automatically capture rich meta-data X  
Search Advanced Search feature X  
Search inside of documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDF’s X  
Search inside of images, graphs, charts and images X  
Filter by user X X
Filter by date created X  
Filter by file extension X X
Filter by source (web, Google Drive, direct upload, Dropbox, etc.) X  
Filter by content type (document, video, image, web link, web article, person, organization, more) X  
Connect Content recommendation- You Might Also Like feature X  
Content analytics- what’s popular, what’s most viewed, what groups are most active X  
Content suggestions made based on individual viewing and commenting habits X  
Storage Significant amount of per user storage (1 TB) for basic plans; uncapped for stepped-up plans   X
Able to storage large individual files (up to 15 GB)   X
Able to connect/move/link files to a SP account   X
Collaboration Create documents online   X
Collaborate on docs online   X
Yammer for cross department collaboration (advanced plan)   X
Embedded chat and video conferencing (advanced plan)   X
Device Sync Sync to any device   X
Access files while offline via Sync   X
Document Management Access version history and utilize version control capabilities   X
Data-loss prevention features   X
Preservation of edited/deleted files for e-Discovery purposes   X

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage and collaboration platform that has elements of file sharing and document collaboration. It functions as a personal workspace that allows end users to share content with coworkers and collaborate on documents in an effective way. And because it is part of the Microsoft suite, it connects seamlessly to its larger collaboration platform, SharePoint.


Alternatively, Shelf sits on top of of these cloud storage platforms, integrates with them, and enables team members to: easily capture important content of all different shapes and sizes, organize it in a single place, and quickly find it later.


OneDrive for Business Advantages

Thanks to its generous storage allocations, ability share selected documents with coworkers, and sync to desktop and mobile devices, OneDrive for Business is a great online workspace for business professionals. And thanks to its Microsoft backbone, IT benefits from a variety of document management features, to ensure that the organization has visibility into how files within OneDrive for Business are being used.


Use OneDrive for Business for:

  • An information worker’s cloud storage needs
  • Creating online documents
  • Collaborating on files in real time with coworkers
  • Quickly sharing files and folders with clients, customers, partners and other stakeholders
  • Syncing content to multiple devices


If you’re an IT manager or senior executive of a small to medium sized company, OneDrive for Business is a great solution for your workforce’s cloud storage, file sharing, and document collaboration needs.


How to Use Shelf with OneDrive for Business

Shelf is not an alternative to OneDrive for Business, it is a complementary solution that extends the functionality of this Microsoft product. Shelf is a modern knowledge management tool that sits on top of cloud storage and collaboration platforms to help teams of knowledge workers assess content, capture important information of all shapes and sizes, organize content in a flash, and find anything in seconds.


Online storage and collaboration platforms like OneDrive for Business are a core component of today’s organization, and Shelf extends the functionality of these platforms. Shelf does this by making it easy for people to capture content that has long term value, such as: final sales presentations, process documents, company manuals, vendor details, lists of consultants, research reports, etc.


The world class organizing and search features make the content added to Shelf much easier to browse and find. Shelf also enables content to connect in a more powerful way by recommending and suggesting content of interest. The content analytic dashboard in the admin panel also helps teams and companies determine which content, folders and groups are most active, most viewed and most commented.


Use Shelf for:

  • Building a knowledge portal of your team’s most important content
  • Capturing web content and organizing it alongside your traditional and online documents
  • Organizing content siloed in different locations such as Dropbox, Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, Slack, etc., in a single, easy to search location
  • Having a much more powerful search experience with includes; advanced search, searching the text inside of documents and image search (OCR)
  • Automatically attaching metadata to content, and using filters to sort and locate content by Tag, Date, Added By, Source, File Format, and more.
  • Decluttering your team’s digital workspace, leaving them to work from the best available information
  • Gathering content that is scattered across the internet, cloud storage platforms and people’s desktops and centralizing them in a single place


If you’re a sales manager, product manager, marketing manager, human resources manager, or operations manager who is looking for an easy and effective way to manage content that already exists, but is really hard to find and organize, then Shelf could be the right product for you.

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