Shelf, a Modern Knowledge Management Tool vs. Basecamp, a Project Management Tool

    Shelf Basecamp
Capture Collaborative Web Clipper for Chrome + Firefox enables users to capture web content with rich meta data X  
Capture Youtube Videos, LinkedIn Profiles, Web Articles, Webpages, Images Embedded on Webpages, etc. X  
Import files & folders from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive X  
Sync files & folders from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive X  
Organize Tag Content and Browse Tag Library X  
Add Badges and Customize Badges X  
Organize content in groups, shared libraries and private libraries X  
Automatically capture rich meta-data X  
Search Advanced Search feature X  
Search inside of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDF’s X  
Search inside of Photos, graphs, charts, and images X  
Filter by user X  
Filter by date created X  
Filter by file type X  
Filter by Document, Video, Image, Web link, Web Article, Person, Organization, and more X  
Task Management Create To-Do Lists and manage by priority   X
Ability to assign tasks to other members of the organization and set priorities   X
Add task details, including file attachments   X
Review project task histories   X
Utilize templates to create new projects   X
Project Coordination Chat rooms that allow an entire team to communicate on any subject   X
Message Boards to post announcements and ideas   X
Instant chat messaging to coordinate on projects in real time   X
Time Management Project calendars display all tasks/events and relevant dates for tasks/events   X
Set due dates and time ranges   X
Monitor your team’s overall productivity on tasks via time tracking   X
Tracking and Versioning See the complete history of changes made in your projects   X
Schedule automatic check-ins with team members on a custom basis   X


Basecamp is ideal for project management tasks such as: project creation, delegation, task tracking, and team collaboration. Shelf, on the other hand, is a modern knowledge management tool that houses your organization’s most important content. Basecamp makes it easy to manage the workflow of all different types of projects, while Shelf makes it  easy capture all types of important content, organize it in a single place, and find it quickly when you need it later on.

Basecamp Advantages

Basecamp is an industry-leading project management tool that let’s you do just about anything you might need to do when managing a team on a project. Basecamp is capable of delivering the tracking and collaborative features that today’s distributed teams’ need to thrive in a project-based setting, and as a result, it alleviates countless headaches for project managers and employees alike.

With straight-forward task creation, task assigning, and layered communication features, Basecamp is a great option for managing project large and small, simple and complex.

Use Basecamp for:

  • Assigning tasks and setting priorities with ease

  • Managing projects that have multiple due dates

  • Staying in the loop on collaborative tasks with live chat updates and notifications

  • Scheduling check-ins with the right people at the right times

  • Monitoring the number of hours a project and individual tasks are taking

  • Managing the activities of distributed team members who are working on the same project

If you’re a project manager, product manager, IT manager, or a senior executive at a small-to-medium sized company, Basecamp should be seriously considered as a solution to satisfy your project and task management needs.

How to Use Shelf with Basecamp

Shelf is not an alternative to Basecamp; Shelf’s focus is on managing important content, whereas Basecamp is focused on managing important project tasks. Shelf is a modern knowledge management tool that allows users to get more out of the content shared amongst a team, and in this way, it acts as a great complement to Basecamp. Shelf helps teams assess content, capture important information from anywhere on the web, organize content in seconds, find anything without frustration, and connect related content in new and exciting ways.

Shelf is a content sharing platform that allows distributed teams to distinguish their best, most important information from everything else. Project management platforms such as Basecamp are essential for any organization, but as the amount of digital information grows by leaps and bounds each day, a tool that makes it easy for people to locate key information assets is becoming just as essential.

Shelf is best used as a knowledge base for content that has long-term value, such as: final sales presentations, process documents, company manuals, vendor details, lists of consultants, research reports, etc. Shelf provides a number of ways to capture this content with ease, which then gets automatically organized so it can be found by anyone on the team in seconds. Shelf even helps team leaders determine what content is most frequently utilized, and which groups are most active via the content analytics dashboard.

Use Shelf for:

  • Quickly building a knowledge portal of your organization’s most important knowledge assets

  • Centralizing important content, regardless of its file format (web pages, online documents, YouTube videos, LinkedIn profiles, and much, much more)

  • Organizing content siloed in different repositories in a single, easy to search location

  • Searching the text inside of documents and overlaid on images to surface information that was previously buried

  • Automatically attaching meta-data to content, and using filters to sort and locate content by: Tag, Date, Added By, Source, File Format, and more

  • Decluttering your team’s digital work space, leaving them to work from the best available information

  • Sharing content with coworkers in a way that isn’t overwhelming

If you’re a sales manager, product manager, marketing manager, human resources manager, or operations manager who is looking for an easy and effective way to manage content that already exists, but is really hard to find and organize, then Shelf could be the right product for you.

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