Overview: Shelf exists to make it truly easy for organize, share, and find your team’s content. So Search has got to do it’s job - that means searching everything, including within your documents and across systems comments.


1) Shelf Search is incredibly easy-to-use...just type in your search term! In this example let’s type in the term “crowdsourcing” and let’s see what we get.

2) Since it’s a pretty specific term it’s not that surprising that we only get a few results. Now let’s have a look at the second result…

3) Even though the title of the document - 5_Reasons_Web.pdf - doesn’t reference the term “crowdsourcing” and there is no tag either, our search results pull the searched-for term within the PDF document - how useful is that?!

4) Shelf’s search feature also extends to system comments - let’s search the term “pathologies”.

5) Let’s have a look at the result “dark side of information.pdf”

6) Shelf’s search will generate results based on all content in the system...including the comments.