Overview: This section demonstrates the flexibility of the Shelf File Type. Shelf can accommodate a wide variety of file types, allowing you to store all different types of content. That means images, articles, YouTube and Vimeo videos, audio files and podcasts..and of course Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents.


1) To get an overview of all of the different file types that Shelf can handle, click the “Type” hatrack to expand the view. Notice that you can add articles from the web, audio files, videos, documents, images, and more. See below for brief descriptions of the various Types Shelf accommodates.

Article: Use the Web Clipper to capture news articles, blog posts, and interesting web content as an article. The Web Clipper scrapes the page for text and images so you don’t have to worry about bookmarking the page, only to receive a 404 Error when you return to it a few months later.

Audio: Upload various audio file format (e.g. mp3) or capture podcasts to share them with team members.

Document: Upload Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents to index the text inside of them. Most cloud storage platforms do not do this - because they're built for storage. Shelf, on the other hand, is a curation tool that knows its important to index all of the text inside these documents so you can find them via keyword search!

Folder: Have a deep and detailed folder structure on your PC? No problem! Shelf allows you to create your own folders and subfolders without limitation. You can even upload entire folders from your PC or file server onto Shelf, eliminating the need to recreate the structure you've already made.

Image: Upload all of those pictures you took at the annual conference or your last company outing to share with your stakeholders. Or you can use Shelf to grab interesting infographics and images that you find on the Internet using the Web Clipper.

Link: Capture your bookmarks and associate them with an image, tags, etc so they’re much easier to navigate to later on. Shelf even allows you to download your bookmarks from Chrome so it’s easier to share relevant sites with colleagues.

Note: How many times have you wanted to capture the contents of an email so you can easily go back to it later on? Now you can! No more sifting through huge email chains and unwieldy inboxes to find it.

Organization, Person, or Project: Sometimes the defining characteristic of a web page or a document is that describes an organization, a person, or a project. Capture it as such.

Video: Shelf supports both YouTube and Vimeo...or you can upload your own! We allow you to watch and comment on them within the application.