Scalable Intelligent Self Service

Shelf’s fully integrated Self-Service Solution helps customers help themselves

Customers Want to Help Themselves

Over 80% of customers try to resolve problems on their own before reaching out to support channels. Shelf’s integrated omni-channel approach provides customers high-quality targeted answers to their concerns.

Knowledge Intelligence Across Channels and Devices

Be present where your customers are, regardless of location, channels and devices. Shelf’s intelligent knowledge management empowers your business to reach your customers any time.

Improve Customer and Agent Satisfaction

When customers can get their own answers, both their and your agent satisfaction takes a boost. Route customer questions intelligently through different channels so your agents can focus on delivering high value support.

Easy-to-find Help Articles with SEO Optimization

Over 90% of customers click on the first page of Google results when searching for answers. Shelf’s Self-Service Solution is highly SEO optimized to help your customers find answers fast.

Different Channels, Same Brand

Your brand is important to your customers. Customize the Shelf Self-Service Portal to align with your corporate identity and make your customers feel right at home.

Key Messages for consideration

  • Omnichannel: Use the same knowledge across channels

  • Supercharge self service by utilizing the same information that agents use

  • Fine grained control over what knowledge becomes published on your Self Service portal

  • Your customers can find you easily via Google since the Shelf Self Service Portal is optimized for best search engine results

  • Lightning fast performance delights your users searching for the help they need

  • Now Shelf brings the best search in the industry to your Support Portal

  • Easy to set up and maintain, manage your Self Service Portal just like any other library in Shelf

  • Internal and external users can gain access to the exact same knowledge, no need to copy/paste or otherwise duplicate your content. Internal use also ensures the portal never gets outdated.

  • The same powerful content maintenance for your self service portal

  • SEO optimized

  • Custom branding and corporate identity

  • Clean and modern design by default

  • Easily link to your social media channels

  • Customize your portals experience with special pages