You need more than just a knowledge base

Successful support starts with better access to answers. Cover your bases with Shelf.

You need more than just a knowledge base

Successful support starts with better access to answers. Cover your bases with Shelf.

Lower handle time and call escalation
Giving your support team seamless access to company answers is the easiest way to manage increasing call or ticket volumes.

Stay compliant with up-to-date content
With Advanced analytics, content maintenance assistance and content publication workflows easily manage any amount of content.

Shorten ramp up time by 50%
With decision trees guiding agents through complex procedures and pinpoint search your agents will have what they need to hit the ground running.

Power your team with the industry’s best search

28% of all searches that are made within your organization are abandoned. When people can’t find the answer through search, they will ping, email, or chat with other people in your organization, wasting even more time and valuable resources. MerlinAI powers Shelf to enhance and expedite the search experience, pinpointing any type of content quickly so no time is wasted in sharing relevant information with customers.

Search for anything

Search inside of documents, images, videos, audio files, and web content to the exact location of the desired information.

Powered by AI

AI-based personalized search means results getting better over time based on individual and group activity.

Content recommendations

Recommend content based on learned behavior and use. MerlinAI helps uncover information a user might be unaware existed.

Easy browsing

Browse across multiple filters, including tags, dates, document type, added by and source.

A knowledge base you can easily maintain

Answering every question with a simple wiki is so 10 years ago. MerlinAI enables next level knowledge management by intelligently storing all content types in one centralized location—to be utilized anywhere you meet your customers.

  • Initiate change requests/reviews; delegate authoring and review; manage tasks via centralized dashboard.
  • Maintain and access every version of your content. Shelf safely keeps track of your knowledge as it changes over time.
  • Define a user’s ability to author, edit, and publish content; adjust roles based on authority over different content libraries.
  • Set reminders and leverage system notifications to streamline content lifecycle management.

Help customers in every language you do business

Shelf supports over 100 languages so you can help every customer, wherever they are. Create, manage and search for content in whatever language your customers use.

  • Set the Shelf interface to whatever language your team prefers – making it easy for agents to onboard and use.
  • Articles and FAQs instantly toggle to any language for easy access.
  • Manage a single knowledge article in as many languages as you choose. No need for admins to keep multiple copies of the same article in different languages.

Collaboration and feedback
Provide article edits, suggestions or changes to fellow colleagues directly in Shelf, and view changes in real-time.

Award-winning platform UI
An intuitive interface takes the heavy lifting and friction out of onboarding and user adoption.

Customized to your brand
Customize to FAQs to your company’s needs: notifications, commenting, content views, ratings and company branding.

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