Overview: People are busy, and one of the side effects of this is that we are often focused on other tasks when we come across interesting and valuable content. At Shelf, we don’t want you to have to stop everything you’re doing to figure out who you want to share it with...and that’s why we’ve made it really easy to change the location of where a Gem is stored and who sees it.


1) Move a Single Gem - Shelf employs a drag-and-drop approach to moving content. Left click on the Gem you want to move. You’ll know that it has been selected when you see a checkmark appear in the top left hand corner of the Gem. 

2) With the left click held down, drag and drop the Gem to the desired Group or Folder. In this example, let’s move a Gem to the “Marketing Campaign” Group.

3) You’ll see a success message in the application to notify you that the Gem has been successfully moved. It’s as easy as that!

4) Move Multiple Gems - Moving multiple Gems is just as easy as moving a single Gem. Simply click on the Gems you want to move and perform the same drag and drop behavior. 

5) Moving multiple Gems is the same action as moving a single Gem. In this example, we're going to move 2 Gems into the same "Marketing Campaign" group.

6) Moving Gems can be done out of any view. In this example we are moving Gems while in the Snippet view. For more info on Wall Views click here

7) The drag and drop behavior remains the same, regardless of the Wall View you're in...

8) Do you know what else is great? Shelf takes the thinking out of what content can be moved and what can't. In this example, the User Colin Kennedy is going to try and move content

9) But the Gem was created by Bartosz Polanczk and Colin is not a system administrator. 

10) When the Gem is drag and dropped into any new location an error message appears notifying the user that the Gem cannot be moved because they do not have the proper level of permission to do so.