Overview: Hatracks are an important component of Shelf because they give you a really easy way to find what you’re looking for in three clicks or less. Hatracks are an easy to use filter system that allows users to sort by: Type, Date Range, Tag, Badge, and User. With each click you can add or remove filters and adjust your information view until you have what you’re looking for.


1) Expand the desired Hatrack to make your selection. In this example, let’s expand the Type Hatrack.

2) Simply click on the filter you’d like to apply to redisplay the content on the wall accordingly. In this case we’ve chosen the “Image” filter to see all images add to the system.

3) Notice that the wall now displays all 776 images that this user has been given permission to view. 

4) In all likelihood, 776 entries is more than what a user would typically want to sift through. Assuming that this is the case, you can simply expand other Hatrack categories to select another filter to add. Let’s try to filter by the user “Colin Kennedy”. Once this filter is applied, the wall is automatically updated to display only the Images that Colin has added to the system that the user has been been granted permission to access.

5) 74 is a more manageable number, but if you'd probably want to narrow it down further. Let’s open the Date filter and add December 1st 2015 as the From date.  

6) And finally we can add December 15th 2015 as the To date...

7) And in matter of about 10 seconds we’ve whittled down thousands of entries to the 3 that are most relevant.

8) The Source hatrack filter allows the user to distinguish between the source location of the files added to Shelf - Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, directly to Shelf, etc.

9) Tags are another useful means for filtering content in Shelf. Tags are unstructured, meaning that any user can add a Tag to a piece of content thye have access to, for the purpose of making it more findable. These tags can be seen, and used by others, but the Tag Library provided a number of convenient views to arrive that the particular tag(s) of interest.

10) In this example we are browsing through All Tags and have selected the tag "cloud stats".

11) The right tag can reduce thousands of entries to a manageable few...

12) Badge - the badge filter is a great way to select from certain pre-defined filters such as: Best Practice, Innovation, Key Decision, Trend, Idea, and Opportunity.