Calculate the ROI of Answer Automation

in Genesys Cloud CX

ROI matters—from the dollars organizations can potentially save, to the time people earn back from improved workflows, all the way to the guarantee that everyone will adopt and use the new solution quickly.

We’ve done the work to make a case for Answer Automation. This guide provides the hard numbers contact centers can potentially achieve just by integrating Shelf with Genesys Cloud CX.


Here’s Why We Call It Answer Automation

Answer Automation takes all the best elements of knowledge technology—storage, reporting, integration, and predictability—then automates all the additional excess work associated with finding answers and keeping content updated.

Knowledge Tech Maturity

Knowledge Base

Simple place to store wiki articles

Knowledge Management

Manage content with basic reporting

Integrated Knowledge

Access knowledge in key platforms


Suggest and surface answers instantly

Answer Automation

Automate knowledge work completely

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