Overview: This section explains how you can easily upload entire folders of desktop or file server content into Shelf. Adding content to Shelf is the best way to find important info later on, so it is highly recommended that you perform this action when logging into Shelf the first time.


1) Click the "Create" button - it's orange and circular and is found along the top of the application.

2) Select "Folder Upload" on the Touch Pad - the Folder Upload option is located on the bottom row of options, on the far right hand side.

3) Select Folder/Group Location – you will be presented with a list of all of the Folders and Groups that you have access to. If you wish to upload content to a sub folder, be sure to click on the arrows to the left of the Folder/Group to expand the selection.

4) Click the "Upload" button.

5) Select Folder to Upload.

6) Click the "OK" button - this will start the upload process.

7) Import Folder Upload - Shelf accommodates all different file types, so you don't need to worry if your folders have a mix of PDF's, audio, PowerPoint, video, etc. Shelf supports them all and automatically categorizes them for you. The progress bar in the lower right hand corner displays the status of any in-progress uploads.

8) Upload Complete - when the folder upload is complete, you'll be notified with a success message. Clicking "OK" will refresh your screen and display all of the new content you've added to Shelf. Please allow a minute or two for the thumbnail images to be automatically generated.