Overview: Creating your account and logging into Shelf for the first time is simple...and it only takes a minute or two. As a User, you'll be prompted to select a password of your choosting, upload your first pieces of content, and install the Web Clipper. 


1) To access your Shelf account as a User, you’ll first need to receive an email from Shelf Support that is appropriately titled “Your Shelf Account”. It looks something like this and you’ll just need to click “Get my account”.

2) Start by selecting a password and filling out your first and last name.

3) Click "Enroll" to start the first-time user wizard.

4) After reading the Welcome Message click the “Got it, Next” button when ready...

5) To realize the value of Shelf you’ll want to add some team content and we require you to add at least one file or folder from either your: PC, file server, Google Drive, or Dropbox account. In this example, we’re going to bulk upload a bunch of files at once by clicking on the “File” icon.

6) You have the option of uploading content to your Personal Library or any of the other folders/groups that you have access to. Since its your first time in the system, we recommend adding content to your Personal Library. It’s extremely easy to move this content to other locations later on. But in this example, we're going to upload files to the folder we've previously created called "Tutorial Documents".

7) Click “Select” once you’ve made your decision.

8) Select as many files of as many different file types (PDF, image, video, Word, mp3, Excel, etc.) as you wish. For additional details, feel free to refer to our Bulk Upload tutorial.

9) Click “Open” when you’re ready to start the upload.

10) When the file upload is complete, you'll receive a success message.

11) At this point you have the option to continue forward to add more content. Let's take this opportunity to add some content from a Dropbox account.

12) You have the opportunity to select multiple files, even entire folders (and their assocated sub-folders) to by synced. For additional details on how our sync with Dropbox works, please refer to the Connect Dropbox overview.

13) Click "Select" after the files and/or folders have been selected.

14) Next, select the Group or Folder within your Shelf library where you want to store the content.

15) Click "Select" after the location for the files have been selected.

16) Voila! Now you have synchronized your Dropbox content with Shelf. We'll automatically index the text of all of your PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel sheets that you sync, which will make it exponentially easier to locate information within your Dropbox account. 

17) The next step in the Onboarding Wizard encourages you to install the Web Clipper. It only takes 30 seconds to install and will greatly enhance your web browsing experience. Currently the Web Clipper is available in Chrome, and as a result, we suggest that our users make use of this browser...

18) The penultimate page in the Onboarding Wizard explains how helpful it can be to add your content to Shelf - it syncs with you other cloud accounts and makes that content so much more searchable!

19) And now you're ready to go - enjoy!

20) Our Guided Tour gives you a quick explanation about some of the finer points of Shelf, such as the Library Tree/Folder Structure. You can "x" out of this if you prefer, but it only takes 30 seconds to gain some key information about Shelf.

21) The Guided Tour explains how the different Libraries work, including the Organization Library.

22) Group Libraries are a perfect way to share content with selected members of your Shelf.

23) The Create Touch Pad allows you to create all sorts on content, including Google Drive content and Dropbox files without ever having to leave Shelf!

24) Connecting your Cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more is done via the Import Content dropdown menu option.

25) The Activity Tracker provides in-app notifications on other content in the system that is relevant and important to you.