The world is shifting to a distributed workforce where the old rules no longer apply  

The way people work has changed for good. It’s time for your business to change with them.


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billion people are currently an active part of the fast-growing, global workforce of employees work in a different location as their co-workers at least some of the time of projects are completed with at least one individual working from a different location of World Economic Forum attendees think the changing work environment is the #1 driver of socio-economic change 


Teams now live in different parts of the country and, possibly, even the world. Collaborating across projects and continents is becoming the new norm. At the heart of the distributed workforce is an opportunity to grow at unprecedented rates and harness the power of the global economy.
There is no question that technology is enabling this new reality. The emergence of Slack, G Suite, Box, Asana, Skype, GoToMeeting, and a host of other work tools are the infrastructure of the distributed workplace.

Yet people still drive organizations forward. The changing dynamics of the workplace create new opportunities for managers to connect people and harness talent and know-how. Distributed teams live and die by their ability to quickly learn, share key learnings, and take the right action at the right time.

Harness the power of the distributed organization

fast to market access lower cost get more done
Faster to market Access more talent Lower costs Get more done

Success in this new distributed workplace means greater access to specialized skills, faster project ramp-up time, quicker entry into new markets, and greater competitiveness with lower costs.