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Organization overview

Recruiter.com drives top talent to companies that want to hire them. Their centralized platform serves as a single point of contact for job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers. With over 6 million listings, Recruiter.com allows employers to quickly fill jobs, regardless of geography or area of specialization, via the largest network of recruiters on the planet.

Shelf pro tip

Use Shelf to clearly separate final, approved collateral from in-progress drafts and outdated materials. Forward-facing business functions – such as Sales – will benefit. They’ll be able to locate collateral faster, with the confidence that they’re using the best, most current content.

“[Shelf’s Search] is lightning fast. Type in your keyword and you’re going to find exactly what you want.”

– Miles Jennings , CEO of Recruiter.com

A growing company; their content growing at an even faster rate

Recruiter.com has created one of the largest online ecosystems for recruiting, hiring, and developing talent. Their platform allows companies to circulate job listings to thousands of independent recruiters around the world. At the same time, they provide job seekers with access to highly specialized, oftentimes exclusive job listings. In addition, Recruiter.com has been recognized as one of the leading providers of career and recruiting related content on the web.

Given the ever-increasing volume of content Recruiter.com is responsible for creating and managing, it should come as no surprise that getting the right content into the hands of the right team member, at the right time, was becoming more and more of a challenge. As CEO Miles Jennings explains it “We’re huge users of Google Drive at our company and it’s very strong collaboration technology. But it ends up creating a giant mess. There are so many documents in varying states of being finished, and picking out the right one is a challenge.”

Sifting through “the bloat” of other systems

The problem was big enough – and it affected enough areas of the business, from sales and marketing to customer support and new employee onboarding – that Miles took it upon himself to find a solution. He looked at numerous systems, but couldn’t find exactly what he needed. His conclusion? “There’s a ton of bloated systems out there, that have a bunch of features we don’t want or need.” What he sought was an easy-to-use, centralized repository for their finalized documents.

After much fruitless searching, Miles reached out to his fellow business owners and one of them suggested that he have a look at Shelf. Based on this recommendation, Miles created an account and was immediately struck by the “discoverability” aspect of Shelf. As he uploaded content from various source locations, he noticed how Shelf automatically categorized this content in new and helpful ways. He was also impressed with the search. “It’s lightning fast. Type in your keyword and you’re going to find exactly what you want.” He was sold.

Solving a problem that cuts across many areas of their business

From a strategic perspective, Miles and the Recruiter.com team began using Shelf as a tool to curate marketing-approved materials, so they could be used more effectively and efficiently by sales and business development personnel. It was an obvious match. Sales is the most forward-facing department at Recruiter.com, and it’s of the utmost importance that they’re using the best (and most accurate) collateral at all times.

Recruiter.com’s use of Shelf has since expanded to its customer/user support functions. The company also has plans to use it in an HR capacity, to streamline the onboarding and training of new employees. As Miles correctly posited, “Shelf is an ideal place for policies and procedures, as well as things like our company mission and vision, which some of our people didn’t even know we had.”

Recruiter.com has realized another benefit from using Shelf – they no longer need to be stressed about the fact that their Google Drive is a mess. Miles no longer needs to have conversations with his CTO about how they “need to clean up their Google Drive”. It is still used for document collaboration – as it was intended – but there’s no longer anxiety associated with the digital sprawl it creates. When something is complete, it gets added to Shelf and the Recruiter.com team no longer needs to waste time or expend unnecessary mental energy identifying the correct content.