Overview: One of the cornerstones of Shelf is the ability to easily share content with you team. And in some cases this means sharing content with a subset of your team. And creating a Group in Shelf is the perfect way to do that!



1) To create a Group, start by clicking on the Create Icon in the menu bar



2) Locate the “Group” option in the lower left hand corner of the Create Touchpad and click on it.



3) Fill out the appropriate form fields and click “Create”.



4) Now you’ll see the group in your Library Tree and you are free to add content to it and add team members. To learn how to add or remove team members from a group or folder click here.



5) Creating a Folder involves the same steps as creating a Group. Start by clicking on the Create Icon in the menu bar.



6) Locate the “Folder” option on the bottom row, the second option on the left hand corner of the Create Touchpad. Click on it.



7) Fill out the appropriate form fields, the same way you would when creating a Group. The major difference here is that you have the ability to nest a new Folder under an existing Group or Folder by selecting the “Save To” button.



8) In this example we are going to next the Folder under the Test Group we just created.



9) Once the selection has been made and the necessary forms filed out, click “Create” and the Folder will appear on your Wall and nested in the designated Group. Shelf does not place restrictions on the number of subfolders, so it is completely acceptable to nest new folders in existing folder structures.


10) The other way to create a new folder is to highlight the existing Group or Folder in the Library Tree where you would like to add a new folder/subfolder.

11) By right-clicking your mouse, you expose a dropdown menu of options. Select "Create Folder".

12) This will create a new folder and will give you the option to name it accordingly.

13) Type in the Folder name and hit "Enter" to see it appear within the Group/Folder hierarchy in alphabetical order.