Overview: Shelf enhances the Dropbox user's experience by making it easier for them to find the files they need, as quickly as possible. So there are bound to be times when a Dropbox user is working out of Shelf, and they realize they need to upload a document, audio, video, or image file to Dropbox. Shelf gives them the ability to do just this without ever having to leave the interface!

1) To Create a Dropbox file in Shelf, begin by clicking on the Create icon in the menu bar.

2) From here, click on the Dropbox icon the appears along the top of the Create Touchpad.

3) Select the type of file you want to add to Dropbox. In this example, we are going to select a document...which could mean a Word Document, a PDF, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.

4) Next select the location in Shelf where you want to sync the Dropbox file to.

5) You can start by adding a thumbnail image, but this, like many of the fields are optional. You can leave this empty and come back to it later on...but let's add one anyways!

6) Select the desired image from your PC or internal file server. 

7) Next, let's select the file we wish to upload.

8) Select the desired document from your PC or internal file server.

9) Next, add a title and description.

10) You also have the option to add Tags, Badges, or adjust the location of where the file will be stored in Shelf. Once you're ready, click Create.

11) You'll now see the file on your Shelf wall.

12) If you open up the Gem page you will see a number of things including a PDF preview, information about the file, a link to the file in Dropbox, and more. Let's click on the link to see what happens.

13) As expected, the file is now stored in Dropbox as well. That was easy!