Overview: One of the most important things that Shelf does is make it easier to find content that is scattered across your various cloud applications. So it only makes sense that we integrate with Dropbox! Shelf's findability tools, in-document (and in-image) text search, and easy-to-understand permissions system enhance the Dropbox experience and make it easier to find and share important content.


1) Start by clicking on the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of the application. Select "Import Content" from the drop down menu.

2) Shelf offers two useful ways to connect with your important content. One way to do so is via one-time import.

3) The other option is to sync selected files, folders, even your entire Dropbox account so any updates are reflected in Shelf. This is particularly useful is the file versions you keep in Dropbox change frequently.

4) If no pop-up appears, go into your broswer pop-up manager and allow pop-ups from auth.shelf.io. Even after you allow for pop-ups, you might see a screen like this for a moment or two. 

5) To verify that your Dropbox account can connect with Shelf, you'll need to include your Dropbox username and password for authentication purposes.

6) Prior to selecting the files and/or folders to connect, Shelf provides you with additional information about how the Sync works.

7) After that, Shelf will render your entire Dropbox folder structure within its window so you can select the files and/or folders you wish to connect.

8) Highlight the files you'd like to connect.

9) Click the Import button.

10) From here you'll be asked to select the location in Shelf where you would like to store these synced files.

11) Once you have made that determination, click Upload.

12) You'll be presented with an informational screen that explains additional details about the syncing process. Click Done to continue working in Shelf while the sync takes place.

13) At the same time, a progress bar will appear in the lower right hand corner that will indicate how many files are being synced and how far along the process is.

14) Once the Sync is complete, you will receive a message detailing the successful connection.

15) As you navigate back to the home screen in Shelf, you will now see the Dropbox files on your wall. If you are performing a large sync, you will be able to see them appear in near real-time as the syncing process is taking place.

16) To see only the Dropbox files that you have access to via Shelf, open the Source filter and click on Dropbox to display these files exclusively.

17) The search/filter breadcrumbs will verify this.