4 Game Changing Contact Center Innovations for 2021

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Contact Center Software, Integrations, Knowledge Automation, Knowledge Management, Learning

This blog post was originally published on Genesys blog.

As contact centers adjust to the new normal of remote work, they’re struggling with efficiency more than ever. With 89% of consumers ready to switch to a competitor following a poor customer experience, customer service processes have been placed under the microscope and examined step by step for inefficiencies.

That’s because poor experiences have a direct correlation to time management. So what are the biggest waste factors? According to McKinsey, it’s the time it takes reps to find information or track down critical knowledge—which they are doing a whopping 19% of their time.

What if we were able to remove some of the unnecessary steps bogging down agents and admins, so finding and managing information to resolve issues was fast, accurate, and easy? That’s where knowledge automation comes in.

Let’s dive in and explore how AI, knowledge automation and enhanced Genesys integrations are significantly improving contact center efficiency, so companies can stop wasting time and start dominating the market in 2021.

1. Use Agent Assist to ramp faster and churn less

Turning new hires into functioning, highly-productive members of an organization is daunting. And doing it all remotely has reached a whole new level of difficulty for everyone. Managers, who already have a laundry list of other responsibilities, must take on even more, while new hires are isolated and stressed out, relying on keyword cheat sheets for faster content searches.

New Agent Assist functionality in Genesys PureCloud alleviates the burdens of training and onboarding by putting answers at your team’s fingertips. Using AI and knowledge automation, your company’s knowledge base automatically delivers recommendations directly in PureCloud based on customer messages, so agents can get through interactions faster, and achieve proficiency weeks sooner. Moreover, any complicated processes can be easily turned into guided workflows that will automatically suggest all necessary steps to resolve an issue.

So while your new hires feel confident in what they are doing and saying—your managers can focus on their core tasks rather than act as a “backseat driver” all day long.

2. Deploy Knowledge Automation to reduce average handle times

71% of consumers expect their problem to be solved immediately upon contacting customer service. That means no on-hold time, no transfers, no “we’ll get back to you”. But in 2020 that’s no longer an unrealistic expectation. In fact, knowledge automation with AI-powered recommendations can help you battle all of these issues at once.

Leverage Agent Assist to recommend answers across channels. Agents can get real-time suggestions in their Genesys PureCloud workspace, whether customers reach out via chat, social media, messenger apps, or even voice. AI-powered content recommendations can live within their usual workflow, eliminating the need to switch tabs or even run manual searches, and customers are free to contact your team on their preferred channel, making everyone happy.

Power your IVR to recommend answers based on customer inputs. Even if your IVR segments incoming calls and forwards them to specific departments to lower your escalation rates – reps still usually need to research information. But by passing the caller’s intent through Shelf’s knowledge automation platform, it can immediately provide agents with specific information or guided help. This means that your agents will have a set of relevant knowledge in front of them before saying “Hello, how may I help you?”

All this creates a more efficient and effective operation that can handle larger quantities of conversations with satisfied customers, which easily translates into ROI.

3. Automated content maintenance frees up managers and supervisors

As for admins, they’re already up to their necks in responsibilities related to hiring, training, handling call escalations, and managing teams by teaching policies and tracking performance. Somehow, they must also carve out a few hours per week toward managing knowledge and updating resources.

By automating cumbersome KM processes, companies can save managers and supervisors at least 6-10 hours of valuable time each month as well as provide them with helpful insights into how their agents are interacting with their knowledge, what’s missing and what needs to be updated.

With your senior call center personnel able to focus more energy on key initiatives—you are achieving more tangible ROI.

4. Power chatbots and self service with knowledge automation to deflect more.

It’s no secret we’d all rather fill out a form, or even interact with a bot to avoid a customer service interaction. It’s not that everyone is antisocial—we all simply feel smart enough to find the answers ourselves.

So when customers can’t do it on their own, the frustration is understandable. As their search habits become even more complex, it’s vital to arm your FAQs and chatbots with an AI-enabled knowledge backbone.

The exciting part is that now you can easily do this without hiring an additional department to reconstruct your existing chatbot and website. New breakthroughs in knowledge automation connect your self-service portal to your entire library of content, including any content type that serves the needs of your business, making your chatbots and Contact Us forms SMART. Based on customer behavior, AI automatically recommends relevant content that otherwise your customers were unable to locate manually.

By surfacing the right information to your clients not only you deflect up to 20% of inbound interactions but also power relevant answers on the spot, providing a much better customer experience.

Future proof your contact centers with AI

With nearly 90% of your customers ready to switch to a competitor after a single poor experience, how many can the remaining 10% handle? If you fail to keep up with your customers’ expectations—they’ll find someone who can.

Companies manage 3x as much data as they did 5 years ago and, expecting the same humans to cope with that is naive. By adopting the right technology, customer service and call centers will be able to thrive in the era of digital communication.

89% of leaders say that the Covid-19 crisis has changed the contact centre industry forever, are you able to keep up?

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