Why providing knowledge doesn’t mean you’re resolving issues

It took us 20 minutes to find this post on Reddit and yet companies take years to realize that providing content does not mean providing answers.  Tips for reducing average handling time suggest: The more knowledge agents have of their whole business, the easier it is to answer customer questions and reduce time to get the correct answer. But is more always better? Would 57 articles on the topic reduce [...]

451 Research Group Emphasized Shelf’s Innovative Role in the Market

We are thrilled to be recognized by the 451 research team, who emphasizes Shelf’s innovative role in the market as we continue to advance an AI-driven approach to managing company knowledge, which provides more accurate and consistent ways to store, discover, and share information. Each quarter, the 451 research team engages directly with IT industry leaders to understand emerging technologies and competitive dynamics that drive market disruption. Their surveys are [...]

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CIOReview Key Takeaways: A Bold New Vision of Knowledge Management

CIOReview conducted an interview with Shelf’s Head of Innovation, Sedarius Tekara Perrotta, where he dived into Shelf’s new approach to ensuring access to critical company knowledge, deemed ‘knowledge automation.’ Built on AI, Shelf aims to solve a universal problem plaguing support team—the complexities and difficulties in finding relevant knowledge when required. Whether it was a Fortune 500 insurance company with offices around the US or a consulting firm with offices [...]

Key Takeaways from Customer Complaints on Twitter

Customers hate waiting on hold, end of story. We all know that, it is the #1 complaint of all customers since the beginning of call centers’ existence. However, when a customer calls in with an issue that requires a little more expert knowledge, he is often put on hold for an unacceptable amount of time listening to the annoying 25-years old polyphony. Of course, an agent can’t know the full [...]

5 Ways to Leverage AI and Agent Assist to Improve Customer Experience

This blog post was originally published on Genesys blog.  The percentage of “difficult” enquiries has more than doubled since COVID19 started to hit the global economy. Forcing companies to be remote places incredible pressure on your communications and support processes. It's obvious that an employee just can't get up from their desk and ask their neighbor for an answer or flag down a supervisor. And if the answer isn't known [...]

19 Causes of Poor Customer Support and How AI & Automation Can Help

Shift starts at 9:00? Better be at your desk at 8:30 to login and reopen all of the tabs you need. Colleague needs help with a difficult issue? Thank goodness, your customer seems calm and can hold on for 10 minutes while you research a completely different issue. Each day at work, your agents waste paid and unpaid time “filling in” this Bingo Sheet, which results in bad customer service, [...]

5 Quick Steps to a Better CX: Take Your Customer Support to a New Level with AI & Knowledge Automation

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the current pandemic is one of those events that divides a lifetime into pre-COVID and post-COVID periods. And the best thing we can do as a global family is to figure out ways on how to pick up the pieces and move on to build a better, safer and less fragile world. The way Shelf contributes to this global cause is to make [...]

Shelf Awarded 2019 Best New Product by BIG Awards

Stamford, CT, Nov. 14th 2019 - Shelf, the leading AI-enabled knowledge management platform on the market, received the Business Intelligence Group “Best New Product of the Year” BIG Award in the startup category when the 2019 award winners were announced on November 6th 2019.

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How Knowledge Management Makes Chatbots Better

According to a recent study, 40% of millennials claim to use chatbots on a daily basis. This astounding number highlights the importance of AI technology in the commercial world. However, chatbots are inherently limited. These programs are only as smart as the rules and algorithms used in their creation. […]

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Critical Security Considerations when Assessing Knowledge Management Software

According to a study by IBM, the global average cost of a single data breach amounts to $3.86 million. That is an average of $148 for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information. This stat highlights the difference between products built for small teams and products built for enterprises. Although no product or service is fool proof, there is a significant difference in risk exposure with enterprise [...]

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