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Declutter Your Mind, Make Better Decisions

Take a moment to think about the decisions you’ve made today. Some may have felt automatic, like getting out bed or which freeway to take for your commute. Others may have required more complex thinking such as which vendor to work with, which candidate to hire for an open position, or which job offer to take. Regardless of the complexity, we are faced with making a ton of decisions each day. Even reading this article was a decision, and while many of these decisions seem automatic, the fact that our brains perform this magnificent function is awe-inspiring.  Our brain is like a muscle and every decision we make serves as an exercise for the executive function of [...]

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What You Can Learn From a Library Structure

Libraries, though they have evolved over time, are still an integral part of the curation of information. Over thousands of years to the present day, they have remained a place that houses a collection of information for people to reference. Despite how they vary, there are some universalities that remain the same. […]

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