We’re always exploring ways to make it even easier for users to find the content they’re looking for. Sometimes this means minor adjustments that allow users to find content faster; other times it’s about capturing more useful meta data when content is added to Shelf. As you’ll see from the items below, last month was no exception.

Revamped Home Screen

The Home view of the Shelf app has been revamped into a dashboard to make the most important actions, libraries, and recent content more accessible. Since different people use Shelf in different ways, we’ve decided to let you customize this screen, based on the things that are most important to you. By default, there are 4 categories that appear on the Home screen.

1) My Shelf

The My Shelf section includes quick access points to upload content, connect cloud accounts, and (if you’re an Administrator for your Shelf) the ability to invite users and access the Admin page. Depending on your usage of Shelf, you’ll see other actions here, including a quick link to install Shelf’s Collaborative Web Clipper (if it hasn’t already been installed).

2) Libraries and Groups 

The Libraries panel puts your most important libraries front and center.

3) Recently Added

Here, you will see the most recently added content on their Home screen, and clicking “See All” generates a more comprehensive view of the content you have access to, in chronological order.

New Shelf Home View

New Shelf Home View (Dashboard)

4) Tutorials

Directly below the Recently Added section is an area that houses Shelf product tutorials. These are particularly helpful when you are still familiarizing yourself with Shelf.

Customizing the Dashboard

Some categories may not apply, or be of interest, to certain users. By opening the dashboard settings, you can make your own decisions about what does and does not appear on your personal Home view.

Customize Your Shelf Dashboard


Content Accessibility Improvements

Action Bar

When one or more Gems are selected, an Action Bar now appears in the top right hand portion of Shelf. From here, you have the ability to: preview content, launch a web page, share content with other users in your Shelf account, download files, and delete content. The available actions are dependent on the Content Type that is selected.

New Action Bar

Gem Context Menu

Each piece of content (a.k.a. a Gem) has its own Context Menu so you can easily trigger related actions such as: Preview, Open Link, Share, Download, and Remove. Depending on the Content Type of the Gem, different actions will be available.

New Gem Context Menu

Gem List Views

The design for the list of Gems has been redesigned to further highlight the most important content you are looking for. Remember, you can always switch to the most appropriate view in the view selector that’s located on the right, just above the Gem View.

New Card View

New Snippet View

New List View

Library Navigation Tree

The Library Tree (at the top portion of the left side panel) has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate through your curated content. Folders that don’t have a sub-folder structure no longer have an arrow next to them as you can’t expand them anyway. Instead of giving a false expectation of additional folders we want to save you from unnecessary clicks, and the minor annoyances that used to be caused by this UI element.


Not only did we clean up the design of the Filters section on the left hand side bar, we’ve renamed a few of the Filter options to make them more intuitive:

  • ‘Type’ is now ‘Content Type’ and is the filter you want to use when looking for an article, an audio file, a document, a video, and so on.
  • ‘File Type’ is now ‘File Format’ and this is the filter to use when looking for a particular file extension such as jpeg, pdf, wmv, etc. Like all Shelf filters, this can be used in tandem with the other filters so you can sift through content in a granular way.
  • ‘User’ is now ‘Added By’ and it references the Shelf user who uploaded, synced, or clipped the content in question.

Renamed Filters


Tag Autocomplete

When adding tags, Shelf now suggests tags that already exist in your account’s Tag Library to make it faster for tags to be added and easier to be used consistently throughout your Shelf.

Autocomplete Suggestions for Tags


Login to your account from Shelf’s website

You can now log in to your Shelf account directly from our website. Of course, you’re still able to use the Collaborative Web Clipper extension and your account specific login page to access your Shelf as well.

Login from the Shelf Website

Login Page


Improved Group Management

Shelf Administrators now have more information available to them about the Groups that exist within their Shelf account. In the Admin Panel > Manage Groups, you can now see: the Creator (or Owner) of each Group, the day it was created, the number of individuals who make up each Group, and the number of Gems in each Group.

Manage Groups with additional group data


This wraps up the updates for the month of April. Let us know any feedback you may have.

Some exciting new features we’re currently working on include an option for Advanced Searches, restyled Gem Previews and Favorite Gems. More on this in our next Product Update.